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 Chandrayaan-2 launched successfully, gets a step closer to Moon


SRIHARIKOTA: Just two days after the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of human landing on Moon, India on Monday successfully launched its lander-rover mission to Earth's only natural satellite. GSLV-MkIII, carrying the Chandrayaan-2 module on its tip, lifted off at 2.43pm without a glitch and released the lunarcraft to its desired geo-transfer orbit after 15 minutes. Unlike July 15 when a glitch in the cryo upper stage of the rocket led to stalling of the launch, this time it was a textbook launch as thousands of spectators at the viewers' gallery here cheered the thunderous lift off of Isro's 'Bahubali' on a cloudy day from the second launchpad. If the lander successfully lands on Moon after 48 days, India will become the fourth country after the USSR, the US and China to soft land on the lunar surface.


Calling the successful launch a "historic day for India and space science", Isro chairman K Sivan announced, "GSLV Mk III has successfully injected Chandrayaan-2 in its desired orbit. In fact, the orbit is 6,000km more than what we expected. Now, the spacecraft and its team will have more life and fuel for manoeuvres. It is a beginning of historical journey of India towards Moon and to land at a place near South Pole to carry out scientific experiments."

Isro主席K Sivan称:“此次的成功发射对印度而言,是历史性的一天。“GSLV Mk III火箭已经成功将“月船2号”送入预定轨道。这个轨道比我们预计的要长6000公里。探测器及其组建将需要有更多的燃料来进行操作。这是印度走向月球,在南极附近着陆并进行科学实验的历史性旅程的开始。”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who watched the live telecast of the launch, said: "Special moments that will be etched in the annals of our glorious history. The launch of Chandrayaan-2 illustrates the prowess of our scientists and the determination of 130 crore Indians to scale new frontiers of science. Every Indian is immensely proud today."




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Udnag Gandotra•USA•3 hours ago

If Modi ji or some one like him had been our first prime minister, then we could have at Moon 50 years back. Vande Matram



Debabrata Hazarika•3 hours ago

Great work by Isro



Vivek Bharti•3 hours ago

we need stronger rocket to directly travel to lunar orbit. Also to compete with space X in space industry,we should work on reusable rockets.than our programme will become super cheap

我们需要更强大的火箭,直接进入月球轨道。为了在航天工业上与space X竞争,我们应该致研制可重复使用的火箭,成本会便宜得多。


Dilbag Rai•Chandigarh•3 hours ago

Congratulations to ISRO for the successful launch of Chandrayan -2



parab•3 hours ago

Good luck & Congrats SRO. Now future space travels should be much faster to reach Lunar surface within couple of days. Gaganyaan spaceship must be prepared comfortable and compatible for faster space travels.



Taposh•Boston•3 hours ago

Congratulation to the Indian team who worked and made this possible. I was just wondering why is it that most of the people working at ISRO and other related organisation are all from Southern Part of India ?? Itis it that only Southern''s have brains and the rest are drains.




Vinay S•Unknown•4 hours ago

Good luck isro



Nelaturu•4 hours ago

we as Indians proudly say that we too join the club of USA RASSIA and CHINA in sending launcher to Moon.But my request to our great scientis we are made proud of India in the world has to make further investigations to test what all in the Moon and to go beyond the three countrues in the club and invent further for the developement of mankind.




Subramanyam K•4 hours ago

Well done ISRO, all nonsense history of Arya bhatti, Bhaskara were teached us without any proof, the westerner were laughing on us, atleast now ISRO has brought some respect to us. Thanks to Dr.sivan and team



Shekar Natesh•Bangalore•4 hours ago

Such events by Mr Modi and the scientists gives a tight slap in the faces of the corrupt congress party leaders


Subramanyam K• Shekar Natesh•3 hours ago

ISRO started by Congress and chandrayaan project also by Congress... BJP never supported scientfic community, they only support cow Rakshashs.



Rahul Singh• Subramanyam K•Lucknow•2 hours ago

Congress started a race in which they were lagging...BJP won that race..



Shekar Natesh•Bangalore•4 hours ago

If it were to be an UPA Government , instead of venturing into such an event they would have announced farm loan waiver



Udai Singh•Mumbai•4 hours ago

Congratulations to SRO scientists..



Krishn Bala•4 hours ago

now pappu and votka rani will want proof



Shekar Natesh•Bangalore•4 hours ago

Encouragement, support by our honourable, respectful, hard working, sincere, non corrupt, clean Prime Minister responsible for this feat. Not to forget the hard work put in by our Scientists. Each and every one responsible for this should be commended



truthconscience81•US•4 hours ago

Congratulations to all those who made this happen for our nation. You have made the countrymen proud. We believe in you.



Subu•4 hours ago

It's a truly proud moment for all Indians. Now, I am sure, there will be argument for credits. Congress will now claim it's from UPA time the Chandriyaan programme started like many other projects they started on paper.



Niranjana Koodavalli•4 hours ago

Proud moment for all Indians. Kudos to ISRO Scientists for this great achievement. Salutes to their family members for their sacrifices. Another proud feather in our cap!



Deepu•4 hours ago

We are proud of our talented scientists. Congratulations to all of them. Jai Hind



Sanjay•4 hours ago

congratulations ISRO chairman and whole team. we are proud of you. we will narrate the success story to our students in morning assembly so that more students feel INSPIRED. Jai Hind Jai ISRO.



Sayan Banerjee•4 hours ago

It is a proud day of India. Thank you ISRO for making us proud and taking us on moon. Hope you will continue to the path of success in future also.



Ramesh Sharma•4 hours ago •Follow

Extremely Happy.Chandrayan 2 launched today as per the new schedule.The 20 hour countdown began on Sunday evening.Plans unchanged for Sept 7.Congratulations to scientists and Engineers.Proud moments.



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