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 Railways to cap ticket prices of trains run by private players



NEW DELHI: Before allowing private players to run trains, the Indian Railways will put in place a regulator in charge of fixing a ceiling on fares preventing a sudden spurt in prices especially during festive seasons like usually seen with airfares.


Responding to a question from TOI, railway board chairman V K Yadav said, “It will take some time to bring in private players to run trains. We will have the regulator, which will deal with fare, allocation of routes and safety. The trains and routes will be allotted through a transparent bidding process.” He also said several private players have shown keen interest to run trains, though he did not take any names. Sources said a couple of players in the civil aviation sector are keen on the project.

在回答《印度时报》所提问题时,印度铁路局主席V K 亚达夫表示:“引入私营火车需要一些时间。我们将设立监管机构,负责控制票价、线路分配和安全问题。列车和线路将通过透明的招标程序分配。他还表示,几家私企对运营火车表现出了浓厚的兴趣,不过他没有透露这些企业的名称。消息人士称,民用航空领域的几家公司对该项目很感兴趣


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So now railways will be run by Adani and Ambani



Deepak Kumar1327  Deepak Kumar-India-14 days ago -Follow

First cap your own fare.



Sanmesh P2165 Sanmesh p-vadodara-14 days ago -Follow

Currently, the average speeds are terrible between most major cities - except for routes ending/starting in Delhi.

Private players might come up with faster trains for Mumbai-Bangalore/Chennai/Cal etc




Terminator Srinivasan7204 Terminator-14 days ago -Follow

A good go nment is the one that governs, not runs everything. In India, we want everything to be run by the govt, which is incorrect. A govt should provide facilities, monitor, govern, set boundaries, collect tax and mentor the operations.



Ashish Ranjan855 Ashish Ranjan-14 days ago -Follow

Are u able to cap airlines???



Chandrasekaran Krishnamurthy7524  Chandrasekaran Krishnamurthy-14 days ago -Follow

Privatisation may prove efficiency. See the plight of Air India and Government owned MTNL and BSNl. Running in heavy losses consuming the money from Govt exchequer for survival.



Desh Premi14073 Desh Premi-14 days ago -Follow

Private busses are charging 2 to 3 times in Divali holidays. No one cares. Government is blind allowing these operators to loot public blatantly. Pathetic. Very pathetic. Day light robbery. Government is blind or deliberately ignoring or party to the loot.



Shapoor Bomanjee2074 Shapoor Bomanjee-14 days ago -Follow

No private players in railways. We have seen what''s happening in electric and telecom sectors.



Yang Yu Bee50 Yang-14 days ago -Follow

in the near future train travel will be out of reach for the poor



Sudhir Kumar96 Sudhir-14 days ago -Follow

One by one...all the go nment-run companies sinking, running into debts or up for sale...recent examples Air India, BSNL...and now add Indian railways to the list..



Truth1145 Truth-US-14 days ago -Follow

So one day you will sell the whole country.



PutSomeNameHere12840  Putsomenamehere-India-14 days ago -Follow

Private players is a bad idea. Private players maximize profits for themselves, something the Indian poor can ill afford.



Alfa Dog Alfa Dog-SKYFALL.-14 days ago -Follow

Hmmmmm, Diwali time summer vacations time private train operators WI charge as good as flight, welcome to shittty toilets ,suck up last drop of blood from. Middle class, yea hai Vikas



Right Indian1304 Right-14 days ago -Follow

Dont pvtse. Railway is a service for the common people. Pvt players will fleece the public or do some tactics to make more money by hook or crook.

Govt should find out ways how to improve service and income, without pvtsg.




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