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What are some bitter truths about life in India?




Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha at Parliament of India


There are many negative answers to this question; yes we are a developing country with problems that look insurmountable. Yes, we have a lot of negative things, which we have to fight. There are 100 answers that listed down the bitter truths about India.

A skeptic always makes the world move a notch forward by bringing a flavor to the debate. In social sciences, a business model is created not on basis of opportunity mapping but on the basis of problem mapping, the common adage that solution lies in a problem is true.



Thus being negative is perhaps the best way to start a healthy debate and initiate a dynamic transformation. Legends say that whenever Steve Jobs was introduced to a new product team, he would always start off with the statement “Let’s assume that whatever you have done till now is wrong”, and Apple went on to create the most fascinating product line known to mankind. Thus knowing and comprehending the bitter truths is really important.

But when an overwhelming number of Indians have a discussion that points out the bitter pictures of this country, it becomes the duty of a public representative to change the narrative and sprinkle some positivity into the same, thus I introduced the picture above that showed that Indians think they live in the best country in the world.

I know it’s not the answer that was asked for, but it certainly is an answer that strives to bring positive deviation into a hitherto impassioned debate about the negatives of this country.




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Pranay Sanghavi, Building Elle.bot at Intellibuzz

  1. If you want to know how divided we are, just look at matrimonial page of our newspaper

  2. India is running the software of tomorrow on the hardware of yesterday

  3. If the mobile gets spoiled blame the child, if child gets spoiled blame the mobile

  4. If someone is asking for dirty cloth to clean something, then you are in India

  5. The only country where people fight to be termed 'backward'.

  6. In India, you don't cast your vote, you vote your caste.

  7. An incredible country where actors are playing cricket, cricketers are playing politics.

  8. Sarcasm is like electricity, half of India doesn't get it.

  9. The country where liking a Facebook post and sending messages on Whats App gets you arrested, while raping a woman does not!











Aquib Momin

  • “Humara beta sharab, cigarette ko haat bhi nahi lagata” (our son doesn't even touch alcohol, cigarettes) Parents not knowing the real face of their kids.

  • (我们的孩子烟酒不沾)。父母对自己孩子的真实面一无所知。

  • “Hum to bahot modern vicharo waale log hai” (We are very open-minded people) Says the mother who does not allow her daughter to visit temple or engage in pooja when she is menstruating.

  • (我们是非常开明的人)。妈妈一边这么说,一边不许女儿在例假期间进寺庙,做礼拜。

  • “Sahab aap IT waale log to itna kamate ho, ₹30 jyada dene mein kya problem hai” (Sir, you IT people earn so much, what will happen if you give 30rs more) Says the autorickshaw guy to me in Pune when I told him, I won't pay ₹30 more on meter tariff. Yes, I might be earning more than you, but that doesn't mean I will start handing out free money.

  • (先生,你们IT从业者收入那么高,就多给我30卢比嘛)三轮车夫在普纳跟我这么说,我回答他说,我绝不会给你比计价表多30卢比的车费。没错,我是赚得比你多,但这不意味着我的钱是大风吹来的,可以到处散财。

  • Sudden/temporary patriotism among the youth for the sake of social media likes due to some recent incident/issue. On other days this patriotism goes on a long holiday.

  • 年轻人会因为近期发生的一些事件,为了迎合社交媒体的好恶,会爆发突然/三分钟热度的爱国主义。事情一过,这种爱国主义就销声匿迹了。

  • Parents not wanting to talk or educate their kids about sex, but somehow expecting them to know everything from the day of wedding itself, and also wanting a grandkid as soon as possible.

  • 父母不想跟他们的孩子谈论或教授性知识,但又很奇怪地希望他们一结婚就迅速自学成才,尽快生孙子。

  • Parents expecting their kids to be sanskari (traditional) when they've been living abroad for years.

  • 父母希望他们的孩子在国外生活多年后还遵循传统。

  • Average Beginner salary of a software engineer in Pune is 3–3.5lakhs. Cost of a 1BHK house in remote locations of Pune is 45-50lakhs. Everybody expects them to settle down by 27–28 yrs and get married. This irritates me to no end. Why don't people get the math involved here.

  • 在普纳,刚入行的软件工程师的平均工资为30-35万卢比。在普纳偏远地区建造一栋房子的成本是450-500万卢比。所有人都希望他们在27、28岁成家、结婚。这让我很不爽。这些人都不会计算么。


Swati Sharma, Media lies, and we know it.

Perhaps one of the most bitter truths is that we are still mental and cultural slaves to the West.

It is a bitter truth that we have been conditioned to feel ashamed of our culture, languages, traditions, clothes, everything that is even remotely Indian - is still seen as regressive.

Even more bitter truth is that we appreciate things in our culture ONLY WHEN it is validated by foreigners.




It is the most bitter truth that we did not believe the following until foreigners told us:

  1. Yoga is good and essential to remain truly healthy in body and mind.

  2. Mantra-jaap helps in promoting good health.

  3. Ayurveda (and use of Indian herbs might hold the key to the major revolution in integrative, holistic medicine of the future.

  4. Vegetarian diet (Satvik diet) promotes longevity, health and peace of mind.

  5. Vedas and Upanishads are a storehouse of wisdom and wealth and unparalleled in all the classical literature of the world.

  6. Bhagwad Gita and Vedanta philosophy might be the ultimate key to lasting bliss and happiness.

  7. The cognitive restructuring which results after Vedanta Darshan might be the answer to Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and other mental health disorders (which are national epidemics in Western countries).


  1. 瑜伽是保持身心健康的好方法。

  2. 耆那教有助于促进健康。

  3. 阿育吠陀,印度草药的使用可能是未来综合医学重大变革的关键。

  4. 素食能促进长寿、健康和心灵的平静。

  5. 吠陀和奥义书是智慧和财富的宝库,在全世界所有古典文学中都是无与伦比的。

  6. 薄伽梵歌和吠檀多的哲理可能是永恒极乐和幸福的终极关键。

  7. 在经过吠檀多得福后产生的认知重建可能是抑郁症、焦虑症、创伤后应激障碍和其他精神健康障碍(西方国家流行的全国性疾病)的解决办法。

Can there be anything more bitter than this for a country - which was once called 'sone ki chidiya', which once culturally and materially so prosperous that the entire world was desperate to visit India!

对一个曾经被称为“sone ki chidiya”的国家来说,还有什么比这更痛苦的吗?这个国家曾经在文化和物质上繁荣鼎盛,以至于全世界的人都期盼能到印度一访!


Kshirin, studied at King George's Medical University

This incidence is of a fine sunday afternoon.

I usually do a lot of online shopping. So, one of my orders had just arrived on my door. I opened the door to see a delivery man standing with my package in his hand. I received the package and was just about to close the door when he said “ma'am, I am really thirsty, could I please get a glass of water?” I instantly said “ Just wait for a minute, I will be back with water.” But as soon as I turned a flash of thoughts ran past my mind.. what if the guy just entered my house as soon as I move a little ahead? What if he has planned to kidnap me? What if he tries to rape me? And at that time my mom and dad were not at home. Without wasting a second I turned back, shut the door on his face (which I now realize was really rude), filled a glass of water and then opened the door and have him the glass he had been waiting for.



This incident seems really simple right? But here lies the bitterness.. He was a poor thirsty guy who with sheer innocence asked just for a glass of water. But what did I see in his eyes.. A rapist! A murderer! A robber! Such a fool I was, I realized so late. I smacked the door on his face which portrayed that even the last speck of humanity had died in me.

Being an Indian I have knowingly or unknowingly harboured this shit in my brain that any damn person out there can be a criminal. It's not difficult for me to doubt most impeccable person on my doorstep that he might turn into the biggest monster ever.

This is what a life of an indian girl all about.. we can trust nobody, I repeat nobody at all. This makes me feel bitter, a little inhumane too!





Swarup Bhayde, former Student at Electrical Engineering

These are some small Vendors,they hardly earns a profit of 300 to 500 Rs daily on an Average (The profit can be less or more, depending upon the Market Conditions).

We all know that Inflation is increasing day by day,thus to Survive on such a low income becomes very difficult for them.But they never give up and work really Hard, at least to get the sufficient amount of food twice a day.

But most of us don't care about all these Stuff's and every time we starts Bargaining with them at the time of buying Vegetables.(As such they are making us fool's)






And Most of the time they sell their vegetables to us as per our demanded price.



Now Exact Vice versa

When such Bollywood Celebrities start selling Vegetables for Charity show(for small Vendors), we are ready to pay 300 to 500Rs/kg for any Vegetables.

And if The Celebrity even asks us to pay 1000Rs/kg,then some of us may ended up by giving 1000Rs to him without thinking for the fraction of seconds.






One more Truth

At the time of Demonetization in India,We often used to heard that People dies in ATM queues during Winter.

But what about This !

No one dies in Alcohol Shop queues durning 45 degree hot Summer.










Jiteen Khera, The land of Taj, the devine culture, the erotic education KamaSutra and 1.3B ppl

I have a different opinion than the aggressive answers over here, I see irony in the different truths about the Indian Life, the 2 faces of the soceity :


1.Everyone is in a hurry but nobody reaches on time

2.You don't caste your vote, you vote your caste

3.A sister (Laxmi Bai) held the sword to save her brothers, brothers are holding candles to save their sister (#RapeVictimMarch #IndiaGate)

4.Politicians divide us, Terrorists Unite Us

5.Crossing a One-way road, you should look both the sides

6.Public Urination is OK, but kissing in public is not

7.Priyanka Chopra made more money in movie 'Mary Kom' than actual Mary Kom in real life - entire career

8.You better not talk to strangers, but you can marry one

9.Father can't afford further eduction for daughter because he has to spend money on her marriage

10.You can't vote if you're in prison, but you can stand in elections from prison











Hope you enjoyed the two-faced life we Indians live!



Armen Faustino, Know about India, more than an average Indian

1.Whisper condom ; If you have ever been to a pharmacy in India, you might be aware of this. People are shy to say “condom”, they use nicknames, show gestures. But ironically are 1.34b in number. I think Indians should shout condom, and if it reminds someone to buy one, Oh my dawkins ! this act is more than great.

2.Sex education ; Many confuse sex education with porn. And that itself is one reason why Indians need sex education in their curriculum. There is strong opposition from various religious groups of India for the inclusion of sex education India. What is ironical is them moaning about the rapes happening in India, on the other hand continues to oppose sex education.

3.“Sex…” “Shhh…..” ; The word sex is treated as a profrain word. If you are ever invited to deliver a speech in an Indian School, makes sure you don’t use the word ‘sex’ unless you are fond of watching raised eyebrows.




4.Covert Relationships ; Majority of the Indian teenagers hide their relationship status from their parents.

5.The brotherhood ; Everyone is commonly addressed as brother/ sister in India. Ain’t it amazing ? But sometimes not. Some take this too deep & get involved in shit they are not supposed to. Thereby invading privacy of another. Uncool.

6.“Thats obscene !” ; Kissing in public is not appreciated. Kiss only if you want a case to be filed in your name for obscencity. What else can you expect from a nation where porn is banned, and sex before marriage is considered as a lustful approach.

7.Arranged marriage ; The common and socially acceptable way to get married is to marry a random stranger chosen by your parents from same religion & caste.





8.“Indians are poooor”, That is how most hollywood movies potray India as. But no. If there is some place on earth where you’ll find a guy with a Louis Vitton, Rolex watch & a Hermis shoes on, but on contrary you’ll find another guy with torn clothes and shabby clothes on. You’ll find shack like houses made with polythene covers, on contrary you’ll find grandiose bungalows which looks more like a 5- star hotel.

9.Bribe the officer Myth ; Many Indian citizens makes comments like anything is possible in India if you have money, just bribe the officer. Do it, only if you want want to be charged for an attempt to bribe an authoritative person. Not all India officers and authoritative personals are corrupt. “Is that a ‘bitter’ truth ?” “Yes, atleast for me”

10.India is a diverse sub-continent, vindications about India will always sound as ‘hasty generalization’.






I was having a random family chit chat, with my 2 Sisters (both married) and my mother. Both my sisters were telling about how well their respective husbands treat them. How they consult my sisters before taking any decisions and how they rule their respective homes. They were really proud about this.

We then changed the topic, discussed some other stuff and after some time, one of my sisters proposed a vacation to some Hill Station for a few days and asked me to join.

I said I’ll tell after asking my wife.

And boy! They looked at me as if I had committed a crime and made fun of me like, Oooo Now you will take permission from your wife for every small thing.






Vichitra Zawar, Incredible Indians in Incredible India.

I was at my friend's place, suddenly his elder brother's wife (Bhabhi) fainted. We called upon doctor . The Doctor arrived, check up was done and he came up with a good news, “ the lady is pregnant.”

It was their first child.

Everybody was in joy.

Grandfather said, “ I'll take my grandson everyday with me for a walk.”

Grandmother says, “ I'll take my grandson to everyday with me to Temple.”

Dad said, “ I'll make my son an engineer.”

Mother asked, “ What if it's a girl?”

Nobody spoke, there was a silence!









**Just A Bitter Truth**

Edit 1 : I agree people in metro cities and the major cities have a different opinion , but still in some parts of country people prefer baby boy.

Edit 2 : Few people out here least care about the message this post gives out. They are concerned about whether the story is real or fictional. Well done folks!!

Another Bitter truth!



编辑2:这里很少有人关心这篇文章传达的信息。他们关心的是这个故事是真实的还是虚构的。你们真实好样的! !



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