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India’s 2018 Tiger Census sets a new Guinness World Record


NEW DELHI: India’s 2018 tiger census has entered the Guinness Book of World Record for being the largest camera trap wildlife survey, yet.


The fourth edition of the tiger census, in 2018–19, was the “most comprehensive” to date, “in terms of both resource and data amassed”, Guinness World Record team has said.

吉尼斯世界纪录团队称,在收集的资源和数据方面,2018 - 2019年第四次老虎普查是迄今为止是“最全面的”。

“Camera traps (outdoor photographic devices fitted with motion sensors that start recording when an animal passes by) were placed in 26,838 locations across 141 different sites and surveyed an effective area of 121,337 square kilometres (46,848 square miles). In total, the camera traps captured 34,858,623 photographs of wildlife (76,651 of which were tigers and 51,777 were leopards; the remainder were other native fauna). From these photographs, 2,461 individual tigers (excluding cubs) were identified using stripe-pattern-recognition software,” the Guinness team that announced India’s feat has added.


Apart from the unprecedented camera trap usage, the 2018 “Status of Tigers in India” assessment also conducted extensive foot surveys that covered 522,996 km (324,975 mi) of trails and sampled 317,958 habitat plots for vegetation and prey dung. It is estimated that the total area of forest studied was 381,200 km2 (147,181 sq mi).


The assessment was carried out over three phases, with the various datasets then combined to be extrapolated via statistical computation, which informed the final results published in the survey report.


A positive outcome of the survey was that it concluded that India’s tiger population had increased by roughly one-third: from 2,226 in 2014 to 2,927 in 2018, though the Guinness team says “some have cautioned that this rise may in part reflect more comprehensive surveying as opposed to purely a population surge”.


Ground surveys and camera traps recorded tiger presence in 88,985 km2 (34,357 sq mi) of forests across 20 Indian states in 2018–19. The “lion’s share” of the tigers were found in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttarakhand: together, these three Indian states were home to 1,492 tigers.

2018 - 2019年,实地调查和相机陷阱记录了印度20个邦88985平方公里(34357平方英里)的森林中有老虎的踪迹,大部分是在中央邦、卡纳塔克邦和北阿坎德邦发现的:这三个邦总共有1492只老虎。

However, other key takeaways that still need to be improved to continue tigers’ comeback include improving “corridors” between isolated pockets of tiger territory, reducing poaching, and helping to build up prey numbers through habitat restoration.


The data was released by Prime Minister Modi, who announced, to the delight of nature lovers, that Indian tiger population jumped from 2,226 in 2014 to 2,967 in 2018, making India one of the biggest and most secure habitats for the wild cats in the World.



Math Tutor

Since Modi tiger has come, other tigers are coming out and thriving. Jai Hind.


India Speaks

Brainless chaddis like you think that Tigers could mate and reproduce only because of Modi Govt..


A.K. Kr

Modi is lion ,we the nationalist are part of his pride..


ayan das

Yrs good news


Anthony Morais

Such good news. India has, from ancient times believed in "ahimsa", long before modern man is struggling with this concept.


ayan das

Yes nice



Good that tigers are thriving in forests and bad that wolves are enjoying in politics.


ayan das

Very true



There are few tigers left in politics too..lol



Happy to note that Tiger population is thriving. In early 1900 it was estimated that INDIA had 200000 tigers, indiscriminate hunting, poaching led to steep decline in their numbers. China in a big way is responsible for the fall in tiger population


Cyrus Taraporewala

Britishers and our Maharaj's hunted the tiger to almost extinction. And yes now Chinese drug industry which claims to have all sorts of remedies from tiger bones to its liver oils is responsible. China actually is the only country which domestically breeds tigers for such consumption. Those tigers would never have seen a forest or a jungle ever in their lives. They are brought up on farms called tiger farms.

There are now 5,000-6,000 tigers kept in more than 200 facilities across China. Among these are huge-scale farming operations, including the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park, and Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain Village in Guangxi, each of which now hold more than 1,000 tigers.

英国人和印度的马哈拉杰将老虎捕杀到几乎灭绝。现在,中国的制药行业声称拥有从虎骨到肝油的各种药物。实际上,中国是唯一一个在国内饲养老虎的国家。这些老虎一辈子都看不到森林或丛林,它们在老虎养殖场长大。目前中国有5000 - 6000只老虎被饲养在200多个养殖场中,每个养殖场都有1000多只老虎。

iamtheindiaworld iamtheindiaworld

If the stats are indeed true, it should warm the hearts of all who care for wildlife


Col Noam A IndoIsrael Studies

Good job ! More needs to be done. Divert water from Kashmir to Rajashtan (Widen Canals), build one of largest wildlife sanctuary and fully fence it, turning into one of the biggest Safari on earth.

做得好! 需要做的还有很多。从克什米尔引水至拉贾什坦,建造一个最大的野生动物保护区,把它围起来,打造成全球最大的野生动物保护区之一。


there will be people calling this as fudges data like..


Sandeep Parmar

PM Modi is the real tiger of India. Hence this 30% increase in tiger population is a world record. Hence the China jackal ran away in fear. Modi Hai to SachMuch Mumkin hai.


Danish Madathil

Positive news. It's happy to here such news nowadays.


Sameer S

India has also lost vast swathes of forests due to growing p0pulation and urbanisation in recent decades, as a result- Endangered elephants and tigers are k.illing one person a day in India as humans continue to encroach on the little habitat that these animals have left.~

India should have a 1 child policy. Or If it was up to me, nobody would be allowed to create babies in India for the next 20 years, since we already have more than enough citizens in the 1 to 20 age bracket. It may sound cruel, but it will tremendously improve living standards for everyone in the country


Gundchedilal Parose

Air Drop RAGA on them and runaway


Axay K

Don't insult tigers. RaGa should be given to pigs


s s

Increase forest cover or there will be man animal conflict


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