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Army plans to order another 72,000 assault rifles from the US


NEW DELHI: The Army is planning to order another 72,000 assault rifles from US firm SiG Sauer amidst the ongoing heightened military tensions with China as well as the continuing delay in the project to manufacture Russian Kalashnikov rifles in India.


The 13-lakh strong Army has already inducted 72,400 SiG Sauer rifles, which are 7.62x51 mm caliber guns with an effective “kill” range of 500-metre, under a Rs 647 crore fast-track procurement (FTP) deal inked in February last year.


“The proposal for the second lot of SiG Sauer rifles is now being finalized for clearance by the defence acquisitions council (DAC) chaired by defence minister Rajnath Singh,” said a source.


India in March this year had also inked a Rs 880 crore deal to acquire 16,479 Israeli Negev 7.62x51 mm light machine guns (LMGs) for its frontline troops deployed on the borders with China and Pakistan. But the limited number of LMGs, like the SiG Sauer rifles, will also only meet partial requirements of the over 15-lakh strong armed forces.


The bulk of Army soldiers were slated to get 7.62x39 mm caliber AK-203 Kalashnikov rifles, with an effective range of 300-metre, to supplement the limited number of the more advanced US-origin rifles with a longer kill range.


But the much-touted ‘Make in India’ project to manufacture 6.71 lakh AK-203 rifles at Korwa ordnance factory in Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh has run into rough weather yet again, as was reported by TOI last month.



Bhaskar Sharma

Make in India not possible, live with it.. in last 70 years after independance, China was full on technology innovation, while we were stuck with hindu muslim dalit brahmin caste religion politics


Siv Sarkar

I believe Indian Institute of Technology and other top ranked Indian universities should be involved in the process to design and manufacture even better assault rifles than U.S./Russian rifles. This way Modiji's dream project Make In India will receive a new boost.


A F Gym

Army basic training should be mendatory for every Indian youth atleast 2 years.


Ravneet Singh

We don't need it. India had world's second largest Army.



Every thing is imported! Where is make in India!?. What about our Nag anti-tank missiles?. Modiji go nment has not even started the process to manufacture 200 light utility helicopters in partnership with Russia and so is the case with rifles!. But he was very happy to procure sub-standard corona testing kits from China at inflated prices!.






Shubhro Goswami

Even a Lee Enfield .303 had an effective range of 800 metres which is of pre world war era. Do we live in a beggar country that cannot provide it's armed forces a proper rifle with at least 1000 metre effective kill range ?


Siv Sarkar

I trust our talented scientists and students. Why not the go nment organize an open contest for drawing a best design of a new kind of assault rifles? I strongly believe that that it will boost Modiji's dream project Make In India.



Government should make it in India and shun the imports.


Parag Koli

Why was army kept weak during 70 years of congress rule why are these weapons being given to the army now why is army getting stronger now.


Rick Darling

Another physiological trick by our go nment to pressurize China to evacuate our land but unfortunately China will never. We have lost war. It means so far, we had no riffles and this is why we got our 20 soldiers killed? China will never step back unless we wage a full scale war. Please don't fool the nation any more or make the world laugh at us.



congress saved every penny to spend on appeasement of people for votes. national security compromised by congress


Shafiq Raza

Looks like the Make In India slogan is a chant to get the masses excited and win votes and it works. Modhi is a master of PR but a failure in substance and you all fall for it lol



Who says India can't make a rifle. Ask Vikash Dubey, how he killed eight policemen with his made in India rifle.


L Phanwar

Enemies cannot destroy India. Its petty and quarrelsome politicians will, eventually.


Donti Chandramouli

If we see the history of our country, there were enough TRAITORS available locally to collaborate with invaders always.


Ganesh Vishvas

Hire the best of Indian engineers to make rifles in Hindustan.


joseph kuruvilla

we still don't know how to make a decent rifle? do some reverse engineering guys if you don't wanna do your job.



SCL Premi

We should get 5Lac US assault rifles on urgent basis. Assaultrifle is no luxury, it is the basic requirement of the front line army soldiers.


ab cd

So, this is the state of affairs in India. The soldiers don't even have rifles and India expects to fight chinks and win the battle !!. India is a laggard in every field and will remain so. Congi, BJP will keep playing the blame game and in the process fill their pockets.



Boycott China EVERYWHERE

Indian Army deserves the best in the world... Jai Hind !!!


Narayandas Kamath

Why not negotiate with the American producer for manufacturing within India?


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