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China launches supersonic nuclear missile that 'could reach US territory and sink moving aircraft carriers' during a drill amid tensions between Beijing and Washington


China has revealed footage of its supersonic nuclear missile Dongfeng-26 that could reach US territory and accurately attack a moving aircraft carrier, state media reported.


Video of the DF-26 missile launch was released for the first time by state broadcaster CCTV on Wednesday, showing The People's Liberation Army Rocket Force participating in an exercise in north-west China.


The nose of the DF-26 missile has a double-cone structure with four fin-like flight control surfaces symmetrically built around the base of the warhead, the report shows.


Military expert and TV commentator Song Zhongping told the Global Times that the fin-like flight control surfaces would provide better stability for the missile as it neared a slow-moving target, such as an aircraft carrier.

On the other hand, the double-cone structure provides the missile with increased targeting capability, speed and stealth, making it more difficult to intercept, Song added.


'An information network connected to the warhead, which possibly includes satellites, ground and naval radar in addition to radar on the missile itself, will constantly update the location of a moving target, informing flight control where to guide the missile,' a Beijing-based military expert said.


The DF-26, one of the most sophisticated and advanced Chinese intermediate-range ballistic missile deployed by the People’s Liberation Army, is also dubbed the 'Guam killer' for its range - 3,000km to 5,741km (1,864 to 3,567 miles) - putting the US island in the western Pacific within striking distance.


The DF-26 was unveiled for the first time to the public during the military parade of September 3, 2015 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.


Last April, China's defence ministry confirmed the missiles had been put into service with the PLA Rocket Force.




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Wereisthelove, National, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago

If their anything like the cheap engines will hey out on their motorbikes it won't fly More than 3minn,



Express., bristol, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago

They should open more restaurants near me instead.



buylowsellhigh, bristol, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago

US dominance is coming to an end



WeepingWillow, Emerald City, United States, 5 hours ago

Yep right up until you need our help.



Atomical0923, Kansas City, United States, 16 hours ago

It's just like the cold war. MAD or mutually assured destruction, if China was sending nuclear "Guam killer" missiles over to the US, you can be assured the US is going to turn China into a glass parking lot.



ron vad, Somewhere in England, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago

And Britain sending aid to China?



ianfineartist, Own World, Hong Kong, 18 hours ago

china and usa will get along in the long run, dont have to worry about that.



AZ Jim, Phoenix, United States, 20 hours ago

If true, then China would not be building their own AC carriers. Think about it.



chris8910, Swansea, United Kingdom, 21 hours ago

So why in 2017 did we give one point three billion pounds to China? I believe that this figure was higher last year. it looks like China does not need the money anyway.

2017年我们为什么要援助中国13亿英镑? 去年的援助金更高。看来中国根本不需要援助


stockers101, Swindon, United Kingdom, 23 hours ago

How can they steal what no one else has perfected yet.



magtech, Worcester, 23 hours ago

Can it outrun a laser ? ?



survivor2, city of London, United Kingdom, 24 hours ago

And here we afe still giving them Aid, beggars belief.



Save The World, Telford, United Kingdom, 24 hours ago

The world would be in a better place if China became the superpower.


NYC Commentator, New York, United States, 18 hours ago

Why? Even if China is a superpower, it isn't really the type to be the world's policeman like the USA. It's just not interested in enforcing any morality on anybody and only cares about strip-mining the rest of the world for whatever benefits itself.



Save The World, Telford, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

The future is China



Soro Hattie, Perth, Australia, 1 day ago

China and its Chinese citizens are intent on occupying this planet.


 Save The World, Telford, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

I think you mean America

@Soro Hattie  你说的是美国要占领这个星球吧。


Bill, Woking, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

The real threat is that the US carriers all have nuclear engines. So if one gets hit by one of these missiles it will be Chernobyl all over again.



Save The World, Telford, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

America is the biggest threat on earth



Bill, Woking, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

When the carrier is "made defunct" the contents of the nuclear reactor which propels it will be released into the environment. Remember Chernobyl?



FooseBawlizDaBst, Franelk, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Quit talking & start fighting. We are in need of a good war.



DevReb, Exeter, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

If China sinks a US ship, even if it doesn't start a war, Chinese trade with much of the West (not the craven, anti-American EU) will also be sunk for good. THEN who wins?



Grippy, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 24 hours ago

China as there will be nothing left to buy in US shops.

@DevReb 中国会是赢家,因为到时候美国商店里没东西可了。


Areweawaketyet2019, Bristol, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Am I the only one that thinks the world would be a much nicer place without the USA.



Save The World, Telford, United Kingdom, 24 hours ago

The world would be better without the Americans and much safer.



Khaboo, london, United Kingdom, 16 hours ago

definitely be better without the yanks. always butting into others problems



jxr15, glasgow, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Probably made with melamine



Xanikk, Fairfax, United States, 1 day ago

Waste of money. Nuclear states will never go to war with one another because of the doctrine of MAD.



Raould, Bristol, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

All nuclear missiles are supersonic.



Headofficelacky, Manchester, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

So that means our much vaunted £six billion Aircraft Carriers are useless.



Terry12345, Essex, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

And the West still want to business with China because of their cheap things.



Richard Hitchings, Methil, Italy, 1 day ago

they can't have this kind of tech.. can they?



A native englishman, Aylesbury. Rip off britain, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Of course not Richard , they fuel their rockets and planes with soya sauce , don't they ?



colin, snowflake central , United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Stolen from old American tech .



Wereisthelove, National, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Yep, you bet your bottom filler they didn't design it, Chinese's are known for stealing tech then adding their little twist on it.



Worker, northampton, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

... China & Russia need to do everything they can to protect themselves from western aggression.......



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