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Why does India lag behind in technology?(3)




Kishan Jangam, Transforming into myself!

These are few issues why India lags behind. And read further to understand why we lag all these.

Money : Almost 22% of Indians live below national poverty line. That's like 25 Crore people, imagine how many people here are just making it above line. We want money, money for not just fulfilling our basic necessities but even our dreams. Dreams like giving proper eduction to our children, dreams like buying a small home, dreams like travelling different places and making memories. And for these to fulfill, we need money and so thus we think/work for money as we lack behind it. 

1.Population : In general population is a strength to its country but here its her weakness. The number of opportunities to number of people is pretty low and imbalanced.

2.Competition : And because of lesser opportunities. If a job pays 30,000 INR and if it has a high demand or more competition the job will be auctioned and will take a heavy drop in CTC. Since 10 people approach for a single job its like who works for little can take the job. This doesn't happen directly but it happens on paper.

3.No interest in Research careers: We talk about research, We read a lot, our brains are powerful, but it's the fear of exploring and fear of not making money. Indians researchers get paid very low and even the opportunities to explore their research is pretty low. They have to move away from the country to work on their projects. And thus those people moving away are innovating and helping other countries to make profit of it but not here.

4.No dignity of labour: Most people consider a role as an Engineer ,a role as a Doctor as pride or may be a role that has a MBA degree behind it. They simply want the roles sound better and they feel low when they here these roles like musician, artist, designer or any other role which is far away from being normal. If you are a labour/ plumber/ mechanic the dignity shown towards you is pretty low when compared to other countries.

5.Literacy rate : India stays at 74.1% of literacy rate where USA has 99% achievement. Literacy not only brings good money and life, but also the changes the minds. The change to think broad and beyond just basic stuff. In my case this is one big important lags which the country is behind.








I'll tell you why Indians lags all these. India was one of the richest in culture and way of its living 2 centuries ago but it had been under control of British for more than 2 centuries after and its just has been 65 years from now we are independent. We now live an independent life and are independent externally. But we still are dependent, we are dependent inside our brains.

Dependency made a lot of impact on the minds of people here. Dependency bought fear, Dependency bought ignorance, Dependency bought complications, Dependency restricted us, Dependency taught us slavery, Dependency made us used of getting adjusted to things,Dependency bought poverty, Dependency developed illiteracy.

And mix of all these it bought selfishness. Selfishness of them being clean, Selfishness of their homes getting cleaned but not the country's. Selfishness of them excelling better but not the other people around.

This has lead to lag several things behind and made us what we are today

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But this will last some day, fortunately dependency taught us how to fight back from dependency. We are battling inside us and it could take few decades. But for sure it will happen. We will get our independence with in.

The day when we reach 99% literacy rate which will automatically decrease our national poverty line of 20% to 0%. India must and will be a country that would reach beyond her imaginations.

There this man called Modi, who is working hard, branding/marketing India in every possible way , for the first time ever inspiring people to work hard and most importantly telling them with his actions.

I believe once we get used to good, the good which will make us care about our people, our country, then we will settle down for ever. Give us some time and brace yourselves to see the impact we would be creating.

Jai Hind.







Nilesh Soni, by heart, by mind

1.Lack of confidence in our abilities : We still don't believe in ourselves as much as we must. We seek validation from others, we lack the thinking that we alone can initiate the idea and carry forward. lets take example of Kailash Satyarthi, Sachin and Binny Bansal - they believed in themselves and look what have they accomplished.

2.Superiority Complex : If people here has wealthy background, comes from higher-end caste, is fair looking, is good English speaker or any of these one thing, his(not all of them ) attitude toward others change in a very arrogant and negative way, which is very inhuman as well as anti-national and hampers the growth of country.

3.Our Social structure : Our society is such that it seeks financial stability for their wards, a large part of our student completes higher education without ever realizing what they are passionate about and then completes his life as a mere money-making machine and fulfilling the needs of his family.

4.Political Inefficacy : I don's see poverty and population problem, only related to lack of education and resources. These problems, though today have become very monstrous, but these could have been contained in 1980-1990s, without much interfering in the personal lives of people by education and giving incentives to those who adhered to the norms. But politicians saw them as vote-banks, never put any constraints in their rampant multiplying and never took pain to raise their mindset by educating them.





5.Hypocrisy : We still take pride in some of our non-sense and orthodox thinking, gained from our culture and society. A few example might be:                                                                                                                                              

 1) Our religion and our parents are always right and we must religiously follow them. I stand for respect but we must also start thinking about what they say on a' logical level and see what could be its good aspects and repercussions'.                                                                                          

2) A person engaged as laborer, safai-walla, or any blue collar job is mindless, not-to-be touched and not of any decent stature and therefore should be shunned. We need to despise this thinking and give them their full respect they deserve. Indeed, they are the backbone of our development and economy at the grass-root level.

there are many such things that are not good for our country's development, but, unfortunately still prevailing in our society and needs to be changed at the earliest.We must adopt best practices from any culture, be it American, British or any part of the world and utilize systematically in our country's context. We, as, youth have the onus on us to change our orthodox thinking of the past and lead India to development path.






Mufaddal Rasheed, Worked in Automotive R&D

My answer is specific to the technology in area of mechanical product development.

I work in Automotive R & D , I hope my perspective can be helpful to the readers.

I think the technological advancement of a country depends directly on the following things.

1.Volume of Knowledge creation and knowledge management

2.Attitude of exploration and discovery

3.The zeal and hunger to solve problems

4.Discipline and rigor in engineering

and all of this are inculcated systematically through the environment , government support and recognition for excellence.









Sadly , in India none of this took place .

We were/ are focused in creating managers out of engineers who dream of sitting in office and delegating work to sub ordinates rather than dreaming of changing the world.

How can engineering rigor and discipline be maintained when Shortcuts are always sought rather than a fool proof solution .

All this mixed with the huge fear of failure had constrained us to this viscous cycle of almost nil innovation.

The excessive focus on theory and exams led us to ignore the most important base skills of problem solving and engineering ingenuity on which modern products are built on.

Being good in academics is one thing and being good in developing apt products for a market is totally another. We never really focused on developing product development processes. As a result our manufacturing industry never grew due to lack of indigenous products . Then the It boom came and everybody knows what happened then.

All the efforts and energies were concentrated to develop the IT sector and hence the manufacturing sector was left to rot.








We now stand at a juncture where we know how to make stuff at competitive costs (manufacturing) but we are novices in how to conceptualize products (design and product development) .

There are alot of good signs we are moving in the right direction .

For example. The knowledge level in the automotive industry has grown by leaps and bounds. We are learning from the “experts”, managing our knowledge well and applying it very well too. Although there is still a huge gap. It is being closed due to very close collaboration of MNCs and Indian OEMS, suppliers which will lead to knowledge percolation and spread. Always a good thing.

It remains to be seen how we do in product development apart from Automobiles in areas like Consumer durables and machinery.

One thing is for sure we are no where near the maturity of China and we have alot of catching up to do to become competitive as an engineering and manufacturing powerhouse.








India in my opinion lags behind because we love to push blame on others. We blame our government for corruption, our failures on society etc etc.

We always find someone or something to push the blame on.

We can never really develop until and unless we realize that we must change ourselves if we want to become a developed society.

2 things i feel us Indians lack:-

Empathy for strangers

I recently visited a foreign land and was stunned to find the stark difference in the attitude of the people there. They were so kind, gentle and most importantly they empathized. Taxi drivers would stop to let you pass. People would make way if they saw an ambulance behind them.

When i see my own country I see a lack of regard for other people. For us Indians only our loved ones and ourselves matter. We sadly don't care about others.








Complete disregard of rules and regulations

We blatantly disregard most of the rules given in our constitution. If we are in a precarious situation we will always try to find the easy way out. During my visit to the above mentioned foreign country I saw people respecting the laws of the land. An incident comes to my mind where there was an unattended shop selling key chains. No one dared walk away with any goodies. They patiently waited for the owner who upon arrival apologized profusely for the inconvenience caused and began efficiently attending to his customers. .Now imagine the same situation in India. I think you know what I mean.

I know what one might think when they read this. Most will say that I am a 'DESHDROHI' (traitor) and should leave my land. But believe me this in my opinion is the unfortunate truth.

If we really want to evolve as a society we need to change the way we live our lives.

Going anonymous for this as i fear my fellow Indians don't like to hear faults about themselves.

Social experiment :- Read through the answers given by my fellow Indians and see how many people blame 'others' for the state of our country (haven't gone through them my self)...If you find some of us understanding that 'We need to be the change we want to see in this country' know that my country no longer 'Lags behind'.









At the surface it may seem that there are many reasons - population, illiteracy, focus on money, etc. but at the core there is ONE and ONLY ONE reason - CORRUPTION. Sorry to sound cliched and boring but please hear me out.

When we were little kids growing up, and we asked our parents why doesn't India has all the fancy cars, clean roads etc. like the developed nations the answer always was - population. That made complete sense then. India really was a poor country back then. But that is absolutely not the case any more.

Today, the city/state budgets will put some of the richest countries to shame.

However India now has landed itself in a CATCH-22 situation. There is a political class which benefits from the corrupt system and it happens to be the only one which can actually fix the system. The problem is NOT with individual middle class petty corruption (bribing the police, or the county office etc). The problem is fairly and squarely on this corruption driven political system. EVERYTHING can be traced back to this corruption.

Indians have already paid taxes to cover completely for - illiteracy, energy, infrastructure, research, irrigation and health. There are already government policies in-place to take very well cover all of that. But nothing of that ever translates to real-work.






Corruption now has spread (like a cancer) to the judiciary, media and businesses.

It really is a sorry state of affair when politicians go scott free in court cases which are ridiculously black-and-white.

It is not the people, it is this political elite, who has got this nation with immense potential virtually to it's knees.





Nityesh Sharma, Philomath AIR-715 CSE 2014

It would not be totally justifiable to say that India has not made any strides in the field of technology. Take for instance our space sciences and we have done what many others could not i.e. succeed in our maiden attempt to travel to the planet Mars. Other than that also we come across some novel innovations like the Jaipur foot, indigenous fighter aircraft Tejas, locally developed Pentavalent vaccine etc. This shows the diversity of scientific fields in which we have exhibited a balanced mix of frugality coupled with relevant scientific application to serve the humanity at large.

However accentuating these achievements was difficult because there are not too many to boast about. The time has come to candidly admit that whatever our ancient sages had done for science be it the discovery of Zero or the advanced surgical techniques of Charaka, we can not afford to keep on invoking thier greatness whenever someone points at the current state of affairs we are in. This chauvinist ethnocentric attitude is not the solution. Rather a deep introspection needs to be done as to where the flaws are. According to me there are some very basic hindrances which are holding back India in technological terms:



1.It starts with schooling. Although as children we are taught to develop scientific temper since its one of our Fundamental Duties, but what happens on the practical front is nothing similar. Children are made to stress on rote learning. Thus rather than embracing scientific ethos thay start dreading science. This discourages them to take sceince as careers. It speaks volumes about the scarcity of scientists in our premier research institutions.

2.Secondly it is again the same reason as above but it is regardind higher education. The mushrooming of engineering colleges by circumventing laws and standards set by the government is supplying sub-standard engineers. They lack employability and certainly can not be expected to work in research institutes.

3.Thirdly the government can also be held as responsible for the snail's pace of our technological advance. The budgetary allocation is measly when it comes to education. Compared to other countires at par with us, there is a requirement of huge hike in its spending on this sector. The hard reality is that to carry out some meaningful research one needs money and the government should be more than forthcoming to spend here.

4.Lack of endowment culture in India. The alumni of various educational institutes in India rarely try to give something back to their alma mater. In USA the famous universities have endowments running into billions of dollars and much of it comes from its successful alumni.

5.The government needs to shed its typical style of functioning when it comes to science and technology. The red tapism of our bureaucracy gives other countries a head start.

There can be many more reasons that should be taken into account while trying to undo this Gordian knot.










Once upon a time was a king. He asked few of his men to dig a pit.

Once the pit was dug, the king made an announcement to his people urging one person from each household to bring a can of milk during the night and pour it into the pit. Expecting the pit to be full of milk by the morning he left to the palace while everybody went home.

While every household prepared to take the milk during the night, one cunning man thought otherwise. He thought that since everyone would bring milk, he could just sneak a can of water and pour it into the pit. Since it was dark he expected nobody to notice him. He quickly went and poured the water in the pit and came back.

In the morning, the king came to visit the pit and alas, to his surprise the pit was only filled with water!

What had happened was that everybody thought like the man who poured water into the pit rather than milk. “Why do I have to donate my milk?, someone else will do my bit!.”








One man though, "Let me contribute two cans of milk. There might be somebody here who cannot afford to contribute a can of milk."

In the morning, the king came to visit the pit and to his surprise the pit was overflowing with milk!  

The difference is evident. What is wrong with us? Where is this country going!? We never were selfish! We always cared about each other! We always shared our happiness and sorrows. All of a sudden we have become demonic. Let us change. Let us contribute that can of milk. Let us give something back to the society. Let us do our bit for this great country! Jai Hind!





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