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Why do so many people like China?




David Barry

I first went to China in 2000. I traveled from the amazing Oriental Global city of Hong Kong into the beautiful limestone and forested hills of Guangxi province in Southern China. There I cycled around the jungly hills and paddy fields. I then went on a vast train to central China crossing the Yangtze river to the Shaolin Temple. I was a very keen martial artist and I practiced Kung Fu at one of the Kung Fu schools in the valley around the magnificent Temple under the mountain where the great Indian monk Bodhidharma meditated in a cave a thousand and a half years ago!

After this I went to live in Shanghai for two years. It was a brilliant experience. Shanghai is a mix of 1920’s/30’s European colonialism and vast modern high rises. During those two years I visited Xian with its vast city walls and the Terracotta Warriors and Hangzhou where the amazing West Lake lies lit up by the stone lanterns with Temples and restaurants surrounding it. I also visited Beijing, where there are the great old Imperial Palaces and near by, the Great Wall.

I have been lucky to have lived and worked in Shenzhen, just a small fishing village over forty years ago and now a giant megatropolis. I also worked in Hong Kong.


之后我在上海住了两年。这是一次极棒的经历。上海是20世纪20 /30年代欧洲殖皿煮义和现代化高楼大厦的融合。在那两年里,我参观了西安,那里有巨大的城墙、兵马俑;我参观了杭州,美丽的西湖被石灯照亮,周围还有寺庙和餐馆。我还参观了北京,那里有着古老的皇宫,周边还有伟大的长城。


The cities are amazing with a mixture of the high tech and modern with the traditional temples and parks. The countryside is beautiful. Jungles in the south, Himalayas to the west and deserts, grassland steppes and amazing limestone mountain ranges in other parts. The people are friendly and hospitable. The crime rate is low and most people have a very strong sense of family and community respect. As a man I found the women to be beautiful and intelligent and very respectable.

I can go on and on about why China is a great country. As it is such a great country, it attracts people from all over the world. I made friends with many Chinese people and thoroughly enjoyed learning to speak Chinese. I also made friends with people from all over the world. I rarely met anyone over the ten years I lived in China, from any part of the planet who , after visiting and / or staying sometime there had any long lasting negative feelings towards the country. It is an amazing country. You should, if you have the money, book a holiday there!!! You won’t be able to fit everything in as it is a vast country with amazing places everywhere. However it is a place that everyone will be impressed with. People who criticize China. I assume, are those who have never been and are perhaps influenced by negative media from other countries that is politically biased.

China can never fully be discovered in one lifetime. I would recommend that you try to discover some parts. The experience will enrich your life!!!

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Carl Johnson, I am an American who has lived and worked in Mainland China since 2011.

Here is my suggestion to all the people that have this question. Plan your next vacation to travel to China. Although it is on the other side of the world for Americans it is not THAT expensive to travel their. A one way ticket is between $800 and $900 you can stay in a decent hotel in Shanghai for $45 a night and you can eat for $10 bucks a day. Take the train and walk around and enjoy the city.

Many people will think nothing of vacationing in a resort in Florida, go to Las Vegas or any of the other states and experience what they already know and then sit at home watching the news and wonder what a country like China is like. People can tell you how great it is but you will never really believe it because of preconceptions.

I urge you to go and experience it yourself. It will open your mind and you will see how wrong our perceptions are! Go ahead, do something crazy, do something unusual just Go!!!





Vladimir Prostran

I'm not sure if "like" is the right word, but I'd say that many are fascinated by China, whether they like it or not. I think there are several reasons for that.

1.The only ancient civilization that has survived. China has existed for over 4000 years and it has a fascinating cultural legacy that significantly influenced Japan, Korea and Vietnam, as well as Thailand and ancient kingdoms whose territories today belong to Indonesia.

2.Strong cultural resiliance. In spite of what China has been through (Mongol invasion, Manchurian rule, Western colonization, destruction and humiliation, civil war, mass killings by the Japanese, another civil war, Cultural Revolution), Chinese traditional culture has remained strong and resilient. Whenever Chinese immigrants move to another country, they bring their culture with them that is often widely accepted by the locals: food, Chinese New Year celebration, martial arts etc. As a mysterious culture for many Westerners, it always creates fascination and imagination.

3.An alternative social development model. Many developing countries see China as a model that shows them how they could develop faster. While developed countries remain a source on envy for many, it is well-known that many of these countries became developed in circumstances and under conditions that do not exist anymore. That is why many developing countries turn to China and hope they will be able to implement a fast development model to their societies as well. This is also why they seek help in expertise and loans from China - something they cannot get from Western countries, because any aid that comes from the West comes with the political strings attached.






Muhammad Abdus Salaam, Pakistani | Secular | Liberal | INTJ-A

I was at a local mall the other day.

Waiting in the queue leading to the only cashier, I found myself standing behind a group comprising of three Chinese individuals. Each one of them was holding onto as many items as they possibly could. Pair that with the issue of missing barcodes and it easily took them about 15 minutes to clear the counter.

One of them, a middle-aged Chinese man, started to have a conversation with the cashier in Urdu, leaving me completely astonished! Upon being asked by the cashier, the man stated that his name was Hussain. All three mostly conversed with one another in English to keep everyone around as comfortable as possible. As the group turned to leave, they turned towards me and smiled in a rather apologetic manner because of the waiting time.

Political and economic factors aside, the general perception of the people from a particular country plays an integral role in how others view them. All such deeds, whether out of respect or even common courtesy, not only have a profound impact on us but also amount to create a bond between the two peoples unlike one we’ve ever experienced as Pakistanis.






Marty Sinclair, Helicopter pilot

You might understand if you reverse the question as to what is wrong with all the other countries.

America. Invading everywhere. Worked with an American in Yemen many years ago who was afraid to go outside because he knew Americans were hated all over the world. Now it’s almost the most violent country in the world.

Britain. Too many upper crust pommies there.

India and Pakistan. Too dirty.

Thailand. Too many hookers, con men, and lady men.

New Zealand and Australia. On the outer fringes of the universe. Takes 3 light years to get there and so expensive. Also their customs people are totally anal. Too many poison or deadly animals.

Africa. Does not need any explanation.

Eastern Europe and Russia. Could be good but cold winters.

Western Europe. Too many French people there. Portugal doesn’t have French but they speak Portuguese.

Central America. Life expectancy is very short there.

South America. Everything is half baked there, except for Brazil which has lovely women but they only speak Portuguese.

Argentina is nice but they harbour Nazis there.

China. None of the above.















Kancheepuram Narasimhan, former Engineer Technical Operations at Kuwait Airways (2005-2010)

i have not visited China. Yet I can assure:

1.Being a communist nation: no violence, very very low crime rate

2.Public transportation- incredibly cheap

3.food- cheap.

4.If U live few months in the most cursed city of Chennai- in India ( 10 /11 million scoundrels)U will understand- Any one/ car or two wheeler drives deliberately in the wrong side. Driving in one way without fear.

5.No driver respects red signal. Ambulances fly across with such deafening sound. Each and every wall is pasted with hundreds of wall posters- death of a local man, birthday of a Tom/ dick. 30 x 50 feet banners every where - announcing the wedding of a Tom with Lucy or birthday of a pauper. I have not seen any city in the world as bad as Chennai. Previously all tea shops/ marriage halls/ birthday celebrations in side a house or hall- loudspeakers will be blaring 24 hours. NOW that is not there. Previously the whole city was red with pan/ tobacco spitting. Now, it is not there. These activities are NOT possible in China.

6.THE acts of vandalism - burning public buses/ trains./ stopping trains are not possible in China. SO CHINA is a nice country.






5.没有司机尊重红色信号。救护车呼啸而过,声音震耳欲聋。每面墙都贴着数百张海报——某个当地人去世了,汤姆/迪克过生日了,30 x 50英尺的横幅随处可见——汤姆和露西要结婚了,又或者是某个乞丐过生日了。我从未见过世界上有哪个城市像钦奈这么糟糕。这些活动在中国是不可能的。



Don Jamieson, Part time civvy but Lieutenant Commander RANR

Now before anyone blasts into a ragging rant about racism, this LIGHT HEARTED song was written over 30 years ago and there is probably more than 900 million Chinese people and they predominately speak Mandarin not Cantonese as some of the words sung here so please enjoy the song for what it is.

For anyone who has studied China and its people, they have a truly amazing and rich history. While we were grovelling in the filth of medieval Europe, the Chinese society was immensely advanced and the average person enjoyed a very good lifestyle




Rajeev Khandelwal

Some people specially like asian girls. Also known as yellow fever. When it comes to Asian girls, people think of chinese girls. In general, chinese girls are fairer than south asian countries.

Now, indirectly when you like chinese cute girls, you will develop interest in their country too.

So, about the country. China is having cold weather and I like cold weather. People look cute with good fair and thick skin tone definitely. China is very powerful country with huge population who are intelligent and somewhat cunning too. They have their own product based companies where people can earn around same or just little less than what they earn in a rich country like US. China also did great in other aspects like martialm arts.

Apart from these there is lot of population which resulted in high level of pollution too and some people find government rules very strict.

If chinese people start looking dark and ugly and china becomes hottest place on earth then will you still like china?

Apart from this, one important point to notice is people of countries having high population might be poor compared to people in developed countries. Inspite of high population in China, people reputed jobs earn around same as in developed countries. China is able to provide necessities to it's huge population.

This combination brings up extreme facilities which you can enjoy in China.









Vishu Menon, former Chief General Manager,

Because they’re a friendly people. If you have a non-Chinese face, black, red or brown skin that is so different from their own skin color, they are more likely to approach you and ask for a selfie with them, not act hostile as many citizens of other countries I know. Furthermore, it’s the safest place for you if you wish to take a walk with your girl/boyfriend at midnight under lights in a lonely city street, Most Chinese do not speak Englsh, but when they leave an elevator, they don’t forget to say bye-bye to the foreigner who’s still waiting for another floor. One is first surpised, but soon picks up the habit oneself.

That’s not to say everything is so goody-goody and honest. Bargaining is a must, yet the shopeeper might overcharge you, taxi driver might not show his meter and ask you for more than his due. The Black Label you buy off the shelf could be diluted; Some city airports could be notorious for delayed flights. Take a bullet train that picks up speed to 305 kilometers per hour within seconds without your knowing it, and rushes between skyscrapers without causing an accident in its history, you forget those little vagaries.

Ancient China is a growing country. Young America is dying. Your preachers and the president are accelerating its crumbling process.





Daniel Churchman, Living in central China

People probably won’t like China if they are:


2.Have trouble with crowds

3.Are inflexible

4.Don’t like change

People probably will like china if they are:



3.Don’t mind a little mess and chaos

4.Enjoy meeting people who are different from them

5.Enjoy trying new things; especially food!

China certainly won’t suit everyone, but it does have a lot to offer.

Beautiful countryside, exotic dishes and peoples (many ethnic villages for example), history back to the mists of time.

Good planes, trains, and buses to get you to these places.

And the simple fact that it is a long way from most western countries. There are beautiful mountains and countryside near my home, and some of the best beaches in the world, yet I rarely visit them because, well, I can do it any time. The simple fact that one must travel to a far country, one quite different from our own, is sufficient all by itself to make China totally mysterious and exotic, and make us want to climb her mountains, and sail on her rivers, and travel through her countryside.

















João L Silva

In Brazil because of the high crime rate

China is not among the most commented or perceived country in Brazil and, unlike others in Western Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, USA, New Zealand few Brazilians have interest in moving there. Some have curiosity in visiting, but not much, specially because of big distance.




Eugene Tsiang, Constant visitor

As far as I know the number of immigrants into China is is till small but non-zero nevertheless. Despite its travel restrictions to many countries, Chinese citizenship is one of the hardest to obtain. So nobody is qualified to answer this question but them.

Conversely, if so many people like China, why do so many people want to leave China and emigrate to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and even Japan? it looks like they want a beachhead, anywhere. Why? Could it be that things aren’t so hot over there despite the tremendous progress made over the last 20 years?

The people who like China seem to be people who can afford to like China, like me. I pass through, I enjoy the people and the language




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