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India’s hardest fall


BY giving Modi’s BJP a landslide victory, the Indian electorate has dealt its country a blow that might take a long time to recover from. The outcome of the polls has virtually buried India’s ideal of secularism and tightened the hold of crooks and the vulgar rich over the house of the people.


The main plank of the BJP’s election strategy was a pledge to complete India’s transformation into a Hindu state. By backing Modi, the voters have indicated that their belief in secularism was only skin-deep.


The only other plank in BJP’s electoral campaign was a threat to national security and belligerence towards Pakistan. Its triumph will put a strain on relations with all neighbours, especially Pakistan. Worse, it could increase the state’s amenability to pressure from the armed forces and lead to curtailment of basic freedoms and the rule of law.


While the BJP’s victory is spectacular, no less sensational is the defeat of Congress and the rout of the Left parties. The CPI-M that had ruled West Bengal for many years lost to Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress in 2014 and has failed to win any Lok Sabha seat from that state this time. Both Congress and the Left Front failed to counter Modi’s rhetoric about national security and religious exclusiveness.


The suppression of debate on citizens’ concerns — such as unemployment and farmers’ woes — in favour of a competition to promote religiosity and jingoism, constitutes a downward slide for Indian democracy, and this is a greater loss to India than the dismal performance of the anti-BJP alliances. This doesn’t mean that Modi’s predecessors in power were paragons of democratic virtues, but due admission of their contribution to a sham democracy doesn’t absolve Modi’s BJP of the capital offence of vulgarising representative governance. That the voters in West Bengal, for instance, chose to back the party that was likely to retain power is understandable. (Moreover, they could not forget the failure of Congress and CPI-M to advance their interests while they were in power.)


Still, a greater contribution to the degeneration of India’s political discourse was made by Modi himself. As had been noted in these very columns after Modi’s victory in 2014, his failure to deliver on economic pledges, one of the two main pillars of his election manifesto, led him to rely more and more on the second pillar, namely, Hindutva. He did everything conceivable, including making himself out to be an indigent yogi and a thoroughly committed Hindu revivalist, and tried to substantiate his fulminations by scapegoating Muslims, other minority communities and Dalits.


In addition, Modi cleverly played on the public’s raw nationalist sentiments by raising the bogey of threat from Pakistan, and thus brought, probably for the first time, the ‘taming’ of Pakistan in the electoral debate. He extracted the maximum possible political capital out of the air strike in Pakistan’s Balakot area. That the adventure failed to harm Pakistan did not matter. What Modi gained from the incident was the satisfaction offered to his gullible followers that he would not balk at striking at Pakistan, the latter’s nuclear capability notwithstanding.


That Modi’s re-election poses serious challenges to Pakistan is fairly obvious. The twins that India and Pakistan are, the tradition of either of them acquiring the symptoms of a disease displayed by the other one is fairly deep-rooted. The jury is still out on the contribution to the rise of Hindu chauvinism in India by Pakistan’s drift towards theocracy, but there should be little doubt about the strength that Pakistan’s quasi-religious militants will derive from Modi’s cult of Hindutva.


One cannot say what impact, if any, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s hopes of friendship with a Modi-led India had on the latter’s election, but it couldn’t have cost BJP many votes. The Pakistani prime minister was correct in assuming the greater feasibility of a peace negotiated with the BJP than with any other party opposed by it. But this formulation was perhaps valid in a context that seems to have changed. Now the chances of any opposition party sticking its neck out for a settlement with Pakistan appear to have decreased.


The omens therefore are that the Modi sarkar will insist on extremely one-sided terms of reconciliation, but Islamabad must not lose its composure. It should continue to call for a negotiated settlement of all differences. If Modi could be convinced of the obvious fact that India will become a greater country by settling matters with Pakistan, and that the Pakistan government could at some point in time sideline the India-baiters in this country, he may still be able to reciprocate Imran Khan’s gestures of goodwill.



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Let’s be honest here. India is the least of our problems. If Congress had won 350 seats, Pakistan’s problems would have remained exactly the same.

Let’s move on.





All these analysis are far too simplistic. I asked my 81 year old mother who she voted for. Her response? Modi, because he cares about the poor. Her maid got free cooking gas connection and free toilet under Modi's programs. My mother doesn't know Hindutva, she is too old to learn now. This is what most global analysts are missing. Modi has delivered on his promises. According to one survey, 32% of the voters voted for Modi, not BJP.



Zak the Great

When Pakistan can be Islamic Republic,Why India can’t be Hindu Republic?



Mohit (US)

If any person thinks that you can win a state election in India based on one issue, let alone the country, s/he has never been to India... And if Indian democracy and secularism was skin deep, how much harm can it do if we totally throw them away? But then, many intellects think that there decision is better than 900 million people combined. So be it. I as an Indian can’t care less.




Why pakistanis worry about secularism in India when their own country is not secular.




Why this much negetivity towards India in general and PM, Narendra Modi in particular? This is the democratic country and PM is elected, unlike in Pakistan, PM is selected. , Mr Rehman, show us one incident or legislation, since 2014(when Mr Mody was first elected ), officially troubling minorities(Christians, Muslims etc).His stated policy is, Development for everybody and win trust of everybody. Please respect the Indian Citizens who elected his government.

为什么对印度如此仇视,尤其是莫迪总理?这是一个皿煮国家,总理是选举出来的,不像巴基斯坦,总理是挑选出来的。Rehman先生向我们展示了自2014年(莫迪先生第一次当选时)以来的一件事或一项立法,它正式困扰着 (基督徒、等)。他的方针是:为了每一个人发展,赢得每一个人的信任。请尊重将选票投给他的政府的印度公民。



Hindus are tired of being treated as villains in their own country Muslims in India are not complaining but you guys are more affected than them please focus on paying back your loans and the financial disaster that you face don't worry about India our elections our business got it




The economic performance of Modi.

Reserves upto $ 420 Billion from $ 280 Billion.

Agricultural Production Record 300 Million Tonnes

Economic Growth 7% plus.

Inflation 3.0% average.

Rupee start 65, end 69.50. Rate of depreciation 1.5% p.a.

Number of Scams : Zero.

Toilets, gas connections, roads, housing for the poor, railway electrification all hit records, or were at least double of previous regimes.

Then you say it was Hindutva!

Indians are the most practical voters in the world. They first see safety and security, then economics, then welfare goods, and finally ideological concerns. On all three Modi passed muster, and the rest didnt! .













Pakistan is the last country qualified to talk about pluralism secularism and democracy. Remember Pakistan was created for the Muslims of the subcontinent . It is an Islamic country with Non Muslims as second class citizens. It is the greatness of Hindus that India was not declared a Hindu state after partition. Do not worry India will remain a secular country as long as the Hindus are the majority.



Sha b

After reading so many articles on modi victory by different writers i have a feeling...probably there is a fundamental difference in perception between you and indian voter is what is secularism and hindutva means .




The irony of this article is rich ... a columnist in a theocratic Islamic state lamenting the rise of Hindu nationalism in neighbouring country!




One becomes journalist when one isn't smart enough to get into their first career choice. Yet they feel they are somehow capable of offering pearls of wisdom to others. I'm not going to explain to the author how democracy works. But he should try some reading on the subject. Or googling, if he knows how to use a computer.




Who wouldn't love to have a weak neighbour? It is somewhat disconcerting to find the neighbour who was pussyfooting around for sixty five years has suddenly becoming assertive. Name calling won't change the fact that India has seen more all round progress in the last five years than in the preceding sixty five years. Visit India for yourself if time and inclination permits. Or, at least talk to Pakistanis who have visited India.



Veer Singh

What I gather from this article is that if Modi is good toward Pakistan, India is a great country and if he is not good toward Pakistan, India is a terrible country. Got it, Sir.



point of view

Portraying negativity about Modi in media doesn't make any sense to Indians or the Indian government. Secondly, if Pakistan can be a Islamic Republic of Pakistan because of the majority of Muslims in Pakistan, why can't India be a Hindu Republic of India as Hindus are in majority in India.




Just one simple question - if all Pakistani analysts think that they have more wisdom than the entire populace of World's largest democracy and 5th largest economy, then why is their country on the brink of economic bankruptcy and civil war?




Modi has been re-elected on the plank of development and development alone. I think the learned columnist needs to research further on the work delivered by Modi government on ground. It is impressive. Modi already understands the importance of good relations with neighborhood countries - he also paid a visit to Pakistan when Mr. Sharif was in power - but it was reciprocated by acts of terror. So what could he do ?




BJP has won more than 50% in areas dominated by the monorities. This proves that the author is a biased one and some how wants to belittle the great victory of the the Modi!!!!




Hey come on See your country how it falls under military rule every couple of years and gets its PM’ s arrested. Analyse yr country first and monitor neighbours govt.



Indian by heart

Once a disabled man was advising Usain Bolt on how to run a sprint. Bolt smiled and went on his way. Disabled man was feeling entitled and then his big brother came to push his wheel chair.




Pakistanis are very concerned about secularism for obvious reasons. They know they can not be a secular state and feel sorry if any country loses its secular foothold.



A shah

A country is made up of its people and if this is what the people want then what is your problem?




First learn to run one's own country before climbing on a pedestal and preaching about others.



ravi vancouver

This article is a eye opener. After formation of India and Pakistan in 1947, India chose secularism but Pakistan estblished a religious Islamic state. BJP is trying to establish a Hindu state. When a religious state is established, secularism is slowly discarded. I hope India will continue to distribute social benefits to Indians without religious or caste discrimination, this was main factor which brought BJP back. Let us see how things unfold in future. India las five years adopted Capitalist oriented economy but tax base was increased almost 50% in last 5 years of Modi government.




Why these intellectuals are so creative.. get down to grass root level. Rhetoric have no space. this article is to pump up india hating pakistanis. fear more - modi is around.



Sha b

For author simple explanation. As per polling statistics bjp got around 40 % votes...that means still 60 % voters against bjp.simple.nothing will happen to indian secularism.



Jimmy Rocks

In all articles related to Indian elections, incorrect reading of electorates, incorrect impression of BJP & RSS and overall discomfort on Modi's win is obvious.



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